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Just So You’ll Know

Have you ever sat down to think***

*** *** ***
___ What does distraction do to My goals? ___

Distraction crashes one’s goal totally!! Think about it…

A person once said,aim at the moon,even if you don’t get it…surely you should fall among the stars

Its funny,but what if…what if…what if you actually get distracted by d bird flying across! You may even end up hanging in the clouds.
*** *** ***
Its a food for thought,I’m sure you do not want crashed dreams. Right??


We all wish to achieve one aim or the other in life,yeah…its impressive!! But,we have to go the right way in doing it.
There’s quite a lot of difference between doing what is right and doing what we feel “should” be right.
When working towards something(whatsoever it is), it is necessary to:
»Ask questions.
»Find reliable answers(remember,the answers must be authentic).
»Put into practice what you’ve learnt.
In conclusion,make sure what you’re doing is right,allow corrections and share ideas with more experienced people.
Remember!! A tree can not make a Forest***