You disobeyed last year, it didn’t pay you off. So why should you disobey this year?

You told lies last year, it didn’t pay you off. So why should you lie this year?

You were proud last year,and then you came crashing. it obviously didn’t work for you. Do you have to be proud this year?

Here’s time to think! Those things you did the previous year and pulled you down,you know you shouldn’t do them this year.

As for me…

I seriously wouldn’t do those things that didn’t work out well for me in the previous years. These things I mean are vices! They don’t help one grow. The virtues we posses won’t stop us from trying to do those poitive things we couldn’t achieve in the past year but its necessary we filter our character.

The year is still as fresh…you still have much time to plan for yourself! Drop those vices and pick up virtues 😀




Hey everyone,

A man once said,’you can’t tell me anything,I already know My future‘…what description do you give to such a person?

Yes,an astrologer may have managed to tell you what the future holds but do you even believe in the power of prayer?…

Haven’t you heard of the power that lies in your tongue?

The problem is that so many people feel that things can’t change for better in their lives,this is the misconception. Maybe you didn’t realise that there was a change in the life of Jabez when the hand of the Lord touched him. That same God,that turned around and made a change in the life of a damned person can do the same for you. This isn’t a sermon but an urge!.

Why don’t you believe in the power you posses? Why do you feel you have been predestined and whatever comes out of it is yours. Ohh why!!

Today! Loose the chains! Believe in the power of your prayer! You are able to change your destiny if you so wish, it all lies within you.

I am a living witness! Do pray, it causes miracles 🙂

Its a Brand New Year!!

Been years since I published something new! Wow! I haven’t even said a happy happy new year to everyone out there 😮 Well,here it is;

I wish everyone out there the happiest of all new years ever experienced. I pray this year brings us all our expectations and blessings!! 🙂

*** *** ***
So, it seems we already covered 9 pages in this awesome 365 page book. I hope we’re all writing a good one… Let’s remember our resolutions,goal and aims and be sure to achieve all of that before the year runs out;that’s because time waits for no man.

Have A Blessed Year cheers!! 😀