Nothing Is By Mistake!!

If you are a believer,what you’re about to read shouldn’t be so new to you…
God’s plan for your life has been set even before you came into this cruel world. He knows what was,is and will be in the life he has given you. He makes sure to put you in a well laid path;which you have to follow to get to your destination safely.
Imagine this path as a beautiful one that has its own good and otherwise sides. Its quite narrow and right at both sides,you find snakes,lions,powers that can pull you back and some other things which find every opportunity to bite you.
The very moment you step out of God’s pathway for you,his will and his presence,these things by the way side hurt you! Some people even do not get out of this trap when they fall and some end up dying but by his grace, you can be able to lift yourself up and continue in the right path.
it is a road that has no going back,what you must have lost by the ways side CAN NEVER be retrieved! Its better if you stay with him because,you will never be able to imagine the goodness you have lost!
Think about this and make the best out of this.
*never leave the path God has prepared for you
*nothing on earth happens by mistake ‘ it is called destiny’. and it must be fulfilled by hook or crook
*He knows what he has planned for you but believe and ask him for directions in your journey of life.
He said in his word that he has given us two options;LIFE and DEATH. He says further that we should choose life.
Make that decision today because its in YOU!!



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